Big Sur Vow Renewal!

The breathtaking view of the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean just off Highway 1 formed the back drop… for Pat & Larry’s Vow Renewal Ceremony.  As their former Minister, they asked me to Co-Celebrate the Vow Renewal Ceremony with their current Minister.

No cathedral could have been more lovely or impressive than the cliff side plateau.  It set the tone for a wonderful ceremony where the two reaffirmed their love and commitment to each other with new vows & promises and meaningful ritual, surrounded by family and friends.

Have you considered a Vow Renewal?  It is a rewarding experience that expresses the depth and maturity of the love between you.

Call me and let’s talk about the possibilities to celebrate your unique love!

Francis Michael Lee
Wedding Officiant & Non-denominational Minister

Celebrating Couples in Love through Personalized Ceremony
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