LGBT Committment Ceremony with a Blended Family ritual

The Bremerton Harborside Naval Museum was the location for a memorable and joyous Commitment Ceremony recently. Saturday was the happy day for Jo and Heather as they publicly declared their love for each other, as well as made promises to their children to create a new, Blended Family.

I offered a number of different Blended Family rituals to Heather and Jo, and the one chosen had Heather and Jo and the children making pledges to each other to establish the foundation of this successful, new family.  The children were darling, of course, and the family and friends present gave them a round of applause for their efforts!

If you are considering a Commitment Ceremony, with or without children, consider calling me to chat about the possibilities of your special day!

Francis Michael Lee
Wedding Officiant & Non-denominational Minister

Celebrating Couples in Love through Personalized Ceremony
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