You’re in love, but marriage is not an option… Not to worry!

The Wedding Gentleman recognizes the unique needs of all loving relationships…

Bonding Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, especially among Seniors.  Whether due to financial consequences, family issues, or estate planning constraints, many Senior couples in love desiring a ceremony realize that legalizing their relationship through marriage is not possible.

silver wedding ringsBonding ceremonies are available for those who choose, for whatever reasons, to not enter into a marriage contract.  Remember, a bonding ceremony is not a marriage and has no legal status.

A Bonding Ceremony is a public declaration, shared among your family and friends, of your love and deep commitment to each other.

Consider thoughtfully how you want your ceremony to reflect your unique relationship, and what you desire to share with your family and friends. Give serious thought to how each of you wants to communicate a lifelong, deep, and abiding love for the other throughout this ceremony.  And then…

We’ll collaborate to create your distinctive and memorable Bonding Ceremony!

We’ll spend time…

  • choosing special readings,
  • considering rituals that will set your ceremony apart,
  • include distinctive ethnic and cultural traditions,
  • creating a special role for family and friends to play in your ceremony

You’re invited to contact me by phone at 425.770.9243, complete the online contact form, or email me to schedule a free consultation.

You can have your ceremony, your way, and I can help!

Francis Michael Lee
Wedding Officiant & Non-denominational Minister

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