Eloping can add an exciting element of romance to your wedding day!

Do you fantasize of the romance and passion of running away with the person you love?  If so, an Elopement wedding can be your dream made reality!

As your Seattle Wedding Officiant & non-denominational Minister, I collaborate with couples like you throughout the Greater Seattle, Puget Sound, and Pacific Northwest to design, write, and officiate wedding ceremonies that celebrate and reflect that special relationship.

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Elopement Ceremonies are typically small and intimate affairs with a few select family or friends and a brief ceremony…

In contrast to a big extravaganza style wedding, there are clear benefits to eloping, such as:

  • Eloping saves you much time and energy,
  • Eloping saves you or your family considerable money,
  • Eloping can save you potential family drama,
  • Eloping adds intimacy.

You have great freedom in the setting you choose for your elopement as well.  From beaches to backyards, garden settings to living rooms or a chapel, I’ll go wherever you choose to officiate your elopement, and knowing that those who elope are spontaneous, I can do this on short notice too!

You’re invited to contact me by phone at 425.770.9243, complete the online contact form, or email me to schedule a free consultation.

You can have your ceremony, your way, and I can help!

Francis Michael Lee
Wedding Officiant & Non-denominational Minister


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