Last night the Washington State Senate voted 28 to 21 to support marriage equality by passing a bill to legalize same-sex marriage for lesbian and gay couples in the state of Washington.

The bill now goes to the Washington House.  The Governor has promised to sign the legislation into law as soon as it reaches her desk.

The GSBA (Greater Seattle Business Alliance) www.thegsba.org/ is thrilled to be a part Washington United for Marriage, a coalition dedicated to making marriage equality a reality for all Washingtonians.

Thank you for your years of hard work and support in our long struggle to achieve equality. Today is a day for celebration but we must not forget there is much work to be done to ensure that our marriage equality law is not overturned at the ballot box.

If your business has not yet signed on to endorse marriage equality, please do so by going to washingtonunitedformarriage.org. Your financial support and volunteer efforts are needed and always appreciated.

The above was an announcement made on 2/2/12 by the GSBA to all its membersThe Wedding Gentleman is a supportive member of the GSBA.

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